Uses and Applications

The Industries Using Stud Welding


Electrical Industrial Control, Lighting Equipment, Domestic Appliances, Power Generation and Distribution.
Mounting components on panels and in cabinets. Earthing components. Bonding doors and panels. Fixing wiring looms.


Electronics Control and Security Equipment, Medical Instruments, Office Automation, Data Transmission, Communications, Test Equipment.
Fixing fascia panels. Mounting switches, push buttons and instruments. Mounting printed circuit boards.


Mechanical Material Handling and Conveyors, Lifts, Metal Furniture, Transportation, Construction and General Machinery.
Fixing cover plates and maintenance inspection hatches. Attaching machinery guards. Fixing fluid and air lines. Mounting handles and other components.

Heating and Ventilating

Heating and Ventilating Domestic and Industrial Boilers, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Units, Refrigeration Systems.
Attaching flanges, covers and hatches. Mounting fluid chambers. Fixing burners and heating elements. Securing pipes and insulating material.

Decorative and Consumer

Decorative and Consumer Signs, Nameplates, Panels, Badges, Emblems, Jewellery, Kettles, Saucepans.
Fixing of signs, plates, panels and badges. Attaching pins, findings and clasps to jewellery. Attaching feet to kettles and handles to pans.

Miscellaneous Industrial

Miscellaneous Industrial Catering & Food Processing, Insulation and Fireproofing.
Hygienic fixing of legs, brackets and stiffener strips to counters and table tops. Securing acoustic insulation. Fixing fireproof material.

Advanced Studwelding Systems

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