Sign Industry Applications

Improve quality, save time and save money using the
BMS-8N Stud Welder with a PS-1 Lift Pistol.

Reverse Channel Letter Supports

  • Tap Pad Studs
    Weld a Tap Pad (Internally Threaded) CD stud inside your channel letters and fit all-thread wall anchors. Anchor to wall with silicone or preferred fixing agent.
    No Reverse side marking! If you are shipping your Reverse Channel Letters, ship them without the all-threads installed so they take up less room when packaging to save shipping costs.
  • Neon Tube Supports
    Running Neon in your Reverse Channel Letters?
    Stud Weld an M6 CD Stud into your Reverse Channel Letters, screw on a Neon Tube Support and secure with a reusable Pal Nut or Quick-fix Nut.

Stand-Off Applications Made Easy

  • CD Tap Pad Stud
    Stand-Off Applications are made easy by welding CD Tap Pad / Internally Threaded CD stud (of required length) to suit application.
  • Tap Pad Studs
    Tap Pad / Internally Threaded CD Studs are a convenient way to mount your stand-off letters either directly to a wall using all-threads.
    Fix to a sign face by using headed screws through your sign face screwed into the tap pads.
  • Need to light your stand-off letters from the back? Weld an M6 CD stud onto the back of your stand-off letter, screw on a neon tube support, and secure with a reusable Pal Nut or Quick-fix Nut.

Aluminum Sign Frame

  • Aluminum Frame and Structural Fabrication is made simple by utilizing the BMS-8N CD Stud Welder.
    Our CD Welders are manufactured not only to weld Mild and Stainless Steel, but also to consistently weld Aluminum.
    In contrast to contact pistols, the PS-1 Lift pistol, along with LED controller adjustment, ensures consist ant weld quality.
    Welding is further improved by using our double earth cable setup.
  • Use Pal-Nuts or Quick-fit Nuts to further save time and cost!

Neon Tube Supports

  • Adding Neon Tubing to your sign has never been easier, and all the products you require to attach the Neon Tubing are available from Advanced Studwelding.
    Weld an M6 threaded stud to your work piece, screw on the Neon Tube Support. Fix using a Pal-Nut or Quick-Fix Nut to secure the Tube Support.
    No more drilling and no more fumbling with headed screws!
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