Collar Stud - CL

Mild Steel
M5 - M12

Stainless Steel
M5 - M124

  • CL Collar studs are partially threaded studs with a collar separating the weld base and thread
  • Typical use : To provide a spacer between the parent metal and the part secured on thread
  • Our standard Drawn Arc weld studs are available in Mild Steel Grade 4.8 and Stainless Steel A2 (AISI 304)
  • Other grades, i.e. AISI 316 (A4), AISI 310 are available on request
  • Drawn Arc studs come with a bright finish, but we can provide numerous other finishes, including zinc plating.
  • All Drawn studs are supplied with ceramic ferrules, as these are essential to the Drawn Arc process
Collar Stud - CL
Ø dL Stud LengthØ d3 Weld Collar
M515 - 1000 mm6.0 mm
M615 - 1000 mm7.0 mm
M815 - 1000 mm9.0 mm
M1015 - 1000 mm11.0 mm
M1220 - 1000 mm13.0 mm
M1420 - 1000 mm15.5 mm
M1625 - 1000 mm18.0 mm
M2025 - 1000 mm23.0 mm
M2425 - 1000 mm28.0 mm

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