Reduced Base - RB

Mild Steel
M 5 - M 24

Zinged Steel
M 5 - M 24

Stainless Steel
M 5 - M 24

  • RB (Reduced Base) welding studs are threaded studs having a reduced weld base diameter and thus produce a smaller weld fillet than any other stud of equal thread diameter. The weld fillet is only slightly greater than the thread diameter, and threads stop at fillet permitting smaller clearance holes
  • Typical Use : RB studs are frequently used where small clearance holes and close run-down of nuts are essential
  • Our standard Drawn Arc weld studs are available in Mild Steel Grade 4.8 and Stainless Steel A2 (AISI 304)
  • Other grades, i.e. AISI 316 (A4), AISI 310 are available on request
  • Drawn Arc studs come with a bright finish, but we can provide numerous other finishes, including zinc plating.
  • All Drawn studs are supplied with ceramic ferrules, as these are essential to the Drawn Arc process
Reduced Base - RB
Ø dL Stud LengthØ d3 Weld Collar
M515 - 1000 mm6.0 mm
M615 - 1000 mm7.0 mm
M815 - 1000 mm9.0 mm
M1015 - 1000 mm11.0 mm
M1220 - 1000 mm13.0 mm
M1420 - 1000 mm15.5 mm
M1625 - 1000 mm18.0 mm
M2025 - 1000 mm23.0 mm
M2425 - 1000 mm28.0 mm

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