Self Locking Washer - CLIPS

Copper Steel
Ø3 - Ø5

Zinged Steel
Ø2 - Ø12
Ø38mm (or Ø60mm)

Stainless Steel
Ø2 - Ø12
Ø38mm (or Ø60mm)

Plastic Coated
Ø2 - Ø12
Ø44mm (1)

Dome Cap
Ø22mm (2)

l (3)

  • Clips, when used in combination with Insulation pins, secure all types of material that can be readily impaled.
  • Multi-lanced hole design provides superior self-locking feature.
  • All steel self locking speed clips are made from tempered carbon steel and plated under closely controlled conditions for maximum corrosion resistance.
  • (1) Plastic Color : White, Black, other on request.
  •    Insert : Stainless steel, zinged steel, coppered steel
  • (2) Insert : Stainless steel
  •    Aluminum or Stainless Steel cap (Colors to choose include red, white, blue, black)
  • (3) Black in standard, other colors on request (white, etc)
Self Locking Washer - CLIPS

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