Single Earthing Tags - CDL

Coppered Steel | 90º

Stainless Steel | 90º

Aluminium | 90º

Brass | 90º

Coppered Steel | 45º

Stainless Steel | 45º

  • Single Capacitor Discharge stud weldable earthing tags.
  • Ideal for earthing points in electronic and electrical enclosures or cabinets. For use with standard 6mm (1/4") crimp connectors.
  • The stud flange is designed according to EN ISO 13918.
  • Studs made of steel 4.8 are protected against corrosion by copper coating. (Thickness : 3 to 5 µm)
Single Earthing Tags - CDL
6.3 mm0.8 mm
M8 x 20 mm16.0 mm

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