BMS-8N Stud Welder

The new BMS-8N SOYER stud welder with microprocessor control is a top-quality product meeting highest requirements due to operating convenience, low weight, high efficiency, compact design and absolute safety. One of the remarkable features of the BMS-8N stud welder is its very favourable price/efficiency ratio.

Technical Specifications

Welding Range
M3 - M8 or 0 3 - 8 mm with steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass (M8 or 0 8 in aluminium and brass conditionally, depending on the respective requirements)
Welding Process
Capacitor discharge process (TS) as per EN ISO 14555
Standard Gun
PS-1 K or PS-1 positioning welding gun
Power Source
Capacitor battery
Charging Capacity
66,000 |^F (option: 99,000 |^F
Charging Voltage
50 - 200 V, infinitely variable up/down
Welding Time
0.001 - 0.003 seconds
Welding Sequence
Up to 20 studs/min, depending on stud diameter
Mains Supply
230 V~, - 50 Hz, 5 A / 115 V~, - 60 Hz, 10 A (internally adjustable)
Welding Cable
3 m highly flexible
Earth Cable
2 x 3 m highly flexible
Dimensions (w x h x l)
300 mm x 120 mm x 320 mm
10 kg

Subject to technical changes

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